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Beer festivals - good. No beer festivals - bad. Fortunately, last week was good. Yes indeed, for t'was the 26th CAMRA Cambridge beer festival. Naturally, purely in the interests of Beermonsterism, a team of brave volunteers set out to review this event. Taking the challenge of completing both morning (11.00 - 3.00) and evening (5.00 - 10.30) sessions was left exclusively to the intrepid beermonsters myself and
Tom "Gerunkee" Dibbers. A complex but foolproof ranking scheme was drawn up over the first pint that I have endeavoured to explain below. The beers that are listed you are, I'm sorry to say, unlikely to find in your local pub, although if you do you should probably be offering sexual favours to the bar staff to ensure it stays there. You will, however, find them at many a CAMRA festival, of which there are many, and are listed in the links section of my main beer page.

That all important key....

Bateman; XXXB.

Hesket Newmarket; Blencathra Bitter.

Tigertops; Dark Wheat.

City of Cambridge; Jet Black.

City of Cambridge; Boathouse Bitter.

City of Cambridge; Atomsplitter.

City of Cambridge; Parkers Porter.

City of Cambridge; Bramling Traditional.

Bridge of Allan; Stirling Bitter.

Tomintoul; Culloden.

Grimstone; Gold.

Bateman; Spring Breeze.

Hesket Newmarket; Skiddaw Special Bitter.

City of Cambridge; Hobsons Choice.

Fenland; Sparkling Witt.
Tolly Cobbold; IPA.
Bridge of Allan; Stirling Bitter.
Bridge of Allan; Springtime.

Hopback; Sign of Spring.



In addition to the selection of beers, there was also some cider to be tasted. Rather than risk sanity and stomach lining myself, the Beermonster's Guide brought in its resident cider taster, Emma, to do the honours. As it were. Don't forget to check out Em's cider review section on the main cider page.

Brains; Glos.

Cassels; Cambs.

Franklin; Shropshire.

Lyme Bay Jack Rat.

Old Rosie Scrumpy; Herefordshire.