Drinking Links

On this page I hope to gather together links to as many drinking related pages as I can hunt down like dogs.

In fact, this page so far has a grand total of 235 alcoholic links! They are divided up roughly into the following categories.

[General Drinking. | Beer. | Wine. | Spirits.]

General Drinking.

Epicurious Drinking Page.
Happy Drunks.
The Beverage Network.
Happy Hours.
The Spirit Journal.
The Virtual Bar.


General Beer Appreciation.

The Beer Page.
The Beerhunters Page.
Bieres sans Frontieres.
The World of Beer.
Shea and Darren's Beer Critique.
Campaign For Real Ale.
Dee Cee's Beer Page.
All About Beer Magazine.
House of Brews.
Global Beer Network.
Carl's World of Beer.
The Shrine to Suds.
The Good Beer Guide.
Beer Dies.
Paul's Beer Page.
Got Beer?
The Official Beer Pong Page.
J and K Beerpage.
Beer Data.
Mo's Beer Page.
Arjen's Beer Page.
Beer Guide.
Virtual Bar Steward.
The Real Beer Page.
The Ultimate Internet beer Guide.
Eric's Beer Page.
Celebrator Beer News.
Dan's Beer Page.
Jeremy's Beer Page.
Beer is my Life.
The Beer Info Source.
Mr. Beerz.
Samuel Adams Beer Page.
Realm of Drunkenness.
BLRA Homepage.
Stephen Beaumont's World of Beer.


The Ultimate Beer Cap Page.
Scan a Can.
American Coaster Company.
DaBeerDawg's Dawg House.
The Internet Beer Can Store.
Steins and Signs.
Owly's Steins and Breweriana.
Labolog Beer Labels.
Coaster Mania.
Kevin's Brewery Collectibles.
Busch Mountains.
The Nicholson Wall of Beer.

Home Brewing.

Vintage Cellar Homebrew Supplies.
My Brewing Buddy.
Pacific Urban Brewery.
Homebrew Research Page.
Nine Inch Ales Homebrewery.
The Bathtub Brewers.
The Homebrew Forum.
The MALTS Homebrew Club.
American Brewer.
Brewing Beer Online.
George and Tersa's Home Brew Page.
Swedish Brewers Association.
Draft Dispensing Guide.
Sugar Mountain Home Brew.
Homebrew Cellar.
Extract Beer Recipies.
The Brew on Premises Pages.
Brew Your Own Beverages.
The Mead Makers Page.
Beer Town.
Yankee Brew News.

Breweries and Beer Varieties.

Black Sheep Breweries.
Old Speckled Hen.
The Guide to Guinness.
Primer on Czech Beers.
Glorious Guinness.
Trappist Beer.
Beers of French Europe.
Beers from Belgium.
Austrian Beer Guide.
Guinness - FAQt and Folklore.
Beer Expedition.
Beers from Germany.
The Benelux Beer Guide.
The Opinionated beer Page.
Canadian Beer Index.

Pubs and Pub Guides.

Saffire Pub Guide.
Real Ale and a Bed.
Bar Hop.
Houston beer.
Latona Pub News.
The Palo Alto Bar Hop.


General Interest.

Gluck Gluck Gluck.
Wine Making in Southampton.
Terroir Virtuel.
The Winebiz Pages.
The Wine Files.
Wines on the Internet.
Wine Today.
The Wine Page.
Into Wine.
Wine Lovers Page.
Words about Wine.
About Guide to Wine.
Strat's Place.
Wine Education Site.
Wonderful Wines of the World.
Tom Cannavan's Wine Pages.
Wine Aroma Wheel.
American Wine Society.
Society of Wine Educators.
The Internet Guide to Wine.
Wine Review Database.
Wine and Spirit Education Trust.
Slow Food Guide to Wines of the World.
The Wine Boob's Reviews.
About Wine List.
American Society of Enology and Viticulture.
Wine Lovers Page. (Not the same as above...)
Wine Regions of the World.
Wine Auctions.
Wine Auction World.
Yak Shaya's Wine Pages.
The Wine ANorak.
Grape Guru.
Grape Seek Search Engine.
Australian Wine Society.
Wine Spectator.
Wine Today.
Wine Advocate.
Smart Wine.
Wine Access.
The Quarterly Review of Wines.
Wine and Dine.
Wine Trader.
Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research.
Tokyo Wine News.
Mark Squires' E-zine on Wine.
Wine Country Review.
The Wine Diary.
Wines on the Internet.
The Wine Web.
University of Bath Student's Wine Society.
The Wine Brats.
Interaxus Wine.
The Origins and Ancient History of Wine.
Cliquot Inc.

Specific Countries, Wines and Wine Regions.

South African Wine Directory.
Austrian Wine Pages.
The German Wine Page.
The French Wine Collection.
Wines and Food from France.
Hungarian Wine.
German Wine.
South African wine regions.
Croatian Wine Page.
The Spanish Wine Page.
New Zealand Wines Online.
New Zealand Wine.
A-Z of Italian Wine.
Port Wine.
Wines of Canada.
Wine Searcher.
Wine Authority.
The Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Journal.
Wine Press Northwest.
Travel Envoy's Wine Guide.

Companies and Producers.

Bibendum Wine Limited.
Moet and Chandon.
Nethergate Wines.
Le Vigneron.
Wine Cellar.



Zigy's Martini Lounge.
The Ultimate Drinks List.
Cocktail Magazine.
Bar-None Drinking Recipies.
Top Friends Cocktail Lounge.
Shaken Not Stirred.
Know your cocktails.
Acats Bar Pages.

Varieties and Companies.

Tia Maria.
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society.
Scotch Whisky.
Scotch Whisky.
Grand Marnier.
Edinburgh Malt Whisky Tour.
Baileys Pleasure Dome.
Absolute Vodka.
Le Cognac.
Remy Martin.
The Scotch Doc.
Islay Whisky.
Scotch Whisky Cottage.
Cutty Sark.
J&B Scotch.
The Glenlivet.
Blackadder International.
Ben Nevis Distillery.
Single Malt Scotch Page.
Whisky Web.
Malt Whisky File.
The Scotch Connoisseur Page.
Adelphi Distillery.
Glengoyne Distillery.
Isle of Arran.
Cuervo Gold.
The Tequila Home Page.
Del Maguey Limited Company.
Captain Morgan Rum.
Polish Vodka.
Irish Whiskey Page.