You have arrived. Just as NIOS is the Greek god of Netscape, and should be worshipped and adored, this collection of pages is a veritable cult following all the consumable forms of that chemical ETHANOL. Sometimes you can't live with it, often can't live without it, this page has everything you could want in the field of drinking. From drink types - beer, wine, spirits, to mixing cocktails, making the stuff, buying the stuff and playing games with the stuff. So, just click on a subject in that index.

This site is a member of the Beer Ring, so if you can't find what you want here, check out other related sites! Also on this page is a search engine to find more beery links, my chat room for those drunken conversations, and the inevitable visitor counter.

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This page is best viewed with Netscape 4 and above. I think it may look a bit odd with older versions, and I have no idea what it looks like with Explorer or AOL browsers. If anyone knows, or experiences any problems with the site, or better still has some suggestions, you could sign my guest book or email me!

I dunno...

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