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Special Report:

The Beermonsters Guide to Alcoholic Beverages.

The Beermonsters Guide to Alcoholic Beverages is just that - the complete guide to every aspect of the enjoyment of alcohol! As this page develops, more and more sections will be added. Current fully developed sections include Brewing pages, Wine and Beer tasting notes, Pub Guides from all over the world, Drinking Games, Cocktail Recipies, Web Purchasing and even Hangover Cures!s

This collection of pages is continuously expanding, and sections currently being worked on include Booze Cruise travel guides, Toasts and Quotes, a Spirits section, Drinking Humour, and a more dedicated links page.

In addition to these specific sections, there is a chat facility for drinking conversationalists. Further more, comments and suggestions are always welcome, and usually acted upon to maintain an up to date and relevant site.

If this has wet your appetite to check out this guide, it can be found at

Thanks for your time,

Richard Hocking. (Site Manager.)