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I suppose any serious drinker does, on the odd occasion, worry about cirrhosis of the liver. Well, maybe not worry as such, but just notice the size of their gut. However, there are suggestions that drinking 10 pints and half a bottle of whisky every night can have harmful effects to your body, so here (when I get round to it) are a collection of health related drinking sites and undertakers.

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First up is this Plan Your Own Funeral service, which looks great.

For the complete guide to the death business, there is always the "lively, colourful, monthly magazine featuring news and mortality figures" that is the Funeral Service Journal.

This is a well written piece about the effects alcohol has on your liver.

Alcoholics Anonymous. Well, you never know.

The Self Scoring Alcohol Check-up is a pretty good way of determining if you drink too much (as if you didn't already know!).

Ah, Micronodular cirrhosis seen along with moderate fatty change. It is also worth noting the regenerative nodule surrounded by fibrous connective tissue extending between portal regions.

Compare the above to a healthy liver. Hmmm.... scaryish - I could do with a drink now...

Wine has recently been suggested to be, in moderation, actually beneficial to health. A study in 1995 by Morten Gronbaek, published in the British Medical Journal, found that subjects who consumed wine daily were much less likely to die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. They suggest this may be due to some broad acting factors in the wine. One compound in red wine, Resveratrol, is known to lubricate platelets and therefore reduce arterial blocking.

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As much as this page is a light hearted missive on alcohol generally, there are no reasons to condone drinking and driving. This is a semi-serious tool to estimate your blood alcohol levels depending on a variety of variables. Most people realise that anything more than one or two drinks is likely to put them close to the limit (for the UK, at least) but what about driving the morning after that big office party, or extended drinking sesh down the local? The reults are quite surprising... check out the Drink Wheel.

don't drink+drive

Look at this - the UK is lagging behind some of our European counterparts in the drinking stakes! Come on... sort it out... you know how!
Picture courtesy of Encyclopedia Brittanica.

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