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This page contains all the pub related guides that don't center on any particular place.

Ant's top 95 UK pubs is a pretty neat page, although of course the individual pub guides are personal opinion. Generally though, of the pubs that I have been to, it seems pretty sound.

Pubs UK is basically a list of pubs and addresses in towns and cities across the UK. However, there is no ratings system, and no more information other than the pub address. Also, some places are very under represented, for example when I checked there was only one pub listed in Birmingham!

Pubworld is another site simply providing a list of pub names and addresses. However, this is pretty comprehensive, and you can narrow down the search into categories such as "trendy" pubs, food pubs and country pubs.

A bit different this one - a complete guide to all the Firkin Pubs in the country.

The same as above, but this time for Wetherspoon Pubs.

This is a slowly increasing database of good pubs to watch footy in

If ever you've been on a canal boat holiday, you appreciate what an excellent opportunity it is to drink lots. This guide helps, as it contains details of pubs on many of Britains canal networks.

A bit different this - a guide to English Pub Etiquette.

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