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Fuzzy Duck.

A good one this - although don't play it with people who are easily offended! Everyone sits in a circle, with drinks. Play moves round the circle, with each person saying "Fuzzy Duck". Then someone says "Does he?" and the direction of play reverses, with the phrase to say now being "Ducky Fuzz." Pretty soon someone messes up, often saying "Does he fuck?!". They have to drink their drink.

Red Necked Hen.

This is another talk in a circle one. There are 8 sayings (see below); to start, everyone takes it in turn to say the first one. The next round, everyone takes it in turn to say the first, followed by the second, and so on. Its important to say them exactly, including the "ands" where appropriate. If someone buggers up, the drink 4 fingers and have to try again until they get it right!

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Celebrity Slurp.

Everyone sits in a circle, and one person is nominated to start. They say the name of a celebrity (alive, dead, fictional, whatever), for example Darth Vader. The next person must, within 5 seconds, say the name of a celebrity whose first name begins with the initial of the previous celebrities last name. Got all that? The other point is if a celebrity is said whose names both begin with the same letter, then play reverses. Remember the 5 second rule....

Soap Opera Sipping.

All you need for this is either a video of any soap opera that you know the character names, or a soap actually on TV, which is quite likely. All the main characters names are written on slips of paper, and each player draws one. Then, whenever your character is speaking you must be drinking.

Strip Tease.

Now this one sounds cool... although maybe not to be played in the pub, unless you have a VERY understanding landlord! It was kindly donated by Shannon, all the way over in Newfoundland, Canada!

The rules are relatively simple - you will need an equal number of guys and girls, two dice, and of course Alcohol! Sit in a circle, alternating guy / girl and take turns to roll the dice! Depending on the numbers, here's what to do:

Even - take a shot.
Odd - take off a piece of clothing of your choice.
1-1: You make the call (shot or clothes).
2-2: Pass a shot on to the person sitting to your right.
3-3: It's your lucky roll! You go free!
4-4: Truth or Dare to the person on your right.
5-5: Another lucky roll - you may put a piece of clothing back on!
6-6: Kiss the person to your left.

Finally, the team / person with the most clothes left on wins!!

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Spin the Coin.

Yep... as you may have guessed, you will need a coin and a flat table for this drinking game. (Plus copious amounts of booze...)
The first person to go takes the coin and spins it on the table (either by holding it with one finger and flicking it with the other, or by spinning it with both hands.)
As soon as they release it, they must shout out another persons name who must then EITHER stop the spinning coin on edge with their finger, OR cause it to keep spinning by flicking it while still moving! After either of these, another persons name may then be shouted out, and so on.

A player must take a drink if any of the following happens:

  • The player spins the coin off the table.
  • If the nominated person fails to either stop the coin on its side, or continue its spin.
  • Variations to rules include penalties depending on whether the coin stops showing heads or tails.

    James Bond.

    In the UK, ITV are currently showing every James Bond film over the next few months, so this is a timely addition. For the rest of you, get the vids in! Ok, its pretty simple - watch the film, with drink, and when anyone says the following, drink the required amount:

  • When someone says "James" drink one shot.
  • When someone says "Bond" drink two shots.
  • When someone says "James Bond" drink 4 shots!

    As you can see, the ultimate is when the immortal lines "Bond, James Bond" are uttered.

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    Brand Names.

    An ideal game for the consumer lead generation! All you need is beer and people. One person says "A truck drove into town full of cigarettes"... then everyone (in turn) round the table has to name a brand of cigarettes. If you can't, you drink! Simple! Then the next person starts with another comodity. You can either go just once round the table, which may mean that sometimes no one has to drink (doh!) or keep going round until someone either can't think of an something or repeats something already said. This means someone ALWAYS has to drink.


    Another vocal game, this - just sit in a circle with beer. This also works best in a quietish pub, as you will see. Basically, someone starts off by whispering the word "Bernard" to the person to their right. That person must then say the same word to the person to their right, but slightly louder. Play keeps going like this, and as you can imagine ends up with people shouting the word. The first person not to say it louder drinks. If you have the guts, this works even better wih "cunt"!

    Whiz, Bounce, Boing.

    Everyone sits round a table, someone starts by saying one of the following words which dictates what an imaginary ball does:

  • Whiz: ball passes to the next player.
  • Bounce: Ball skips a player.
  • Boing: Ball reverses direction.
    Obviously, if you make a mistake you have to drink.

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    One Up, One Down.

    I played a version of this when I was a kid (although drinking wasn't involved!) and drove me mad until I knew the secret!
    The people playing are seated around a table, or sitting in a circle. One person, or even better two people who have played the game before or know the rules, explain the rules to the group in the following way: Starting with one person (usually the person describing the rules) that person must say one of three things: "two up", "one up, one down", or "two down". And play proceeds clockwise around the table with each person saying one of those three options. There is a pattern to which of the three options you should select, so the group should be instructed to pay attention to what other people say and if they get it right or wrong. If you say the wrong option, you drink. The moderators, or people who know or have guessed the pattern will tell you if you are correct. Now the fun begins. Continue until everyone has guessed the pattern, or are too pissed to keep playing. The secret: The secret to which thing you say is based on where your hands are when it is your turn. For example: if both your hands are at your waist, on or under the table you should say "two down". If you have one hand up around your head and one hand on the table, you should say "one up, one down", and if both hands are up you should say "two up". The moderators really have to play it up to make this work. Pretend to concentrate, or count when determining if someone is correct. If more than one person is moderator, they should confer from time to time on the outcome.


    A musical one this. Get a copy of Roxanne by the Police. If there is a room full of you, then divide the room into two halves with one side "Roxanne" and the other half "Red Light". Then, whenever one of these phrases is being sung, that side has to be drinking! The other slight variation is simply to have everybody drinking whenever either of the phrases are heard.

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    Nice and simple (to describe, at any rate.) One person in the group starts off by saying a word, and the next player must then say a word that makes sense, then the next player says another word, and so on forming a sentence. When a player says a word that doesn't make sense, or can't think of a word quickly enough, they take a drink. Sounds easy, but once a few drinks are consumed it can get pretty funny!


    Everyone picks a vegetable, then around the circle, players take in turn to say their vegetable but without showing their teeth! If you fail, you drink! Also, if you smile or laugh either at your own effort OR anyone elses, you also drink!

    Boat Races.

    You may have seen this in sporting pubs or student bars! The players (the more the better) sit in two lines, facing each other. Each person places a full pint in front of themselves. The first person from each team starts by drinking their pint in one go and placing the empty glass on the table. As soon as your team mates glass hits the table, the next person in the row can drink - and so on down the line. The winners are the first team to finish!

    Penny Drops.

    You need an empty glass, a paper napkin and a cigarette. Place the napkin over the glass (you may need an elastic band to hold it on) and place a coin on the napkin. Players then take it in turns to burn away part of the napkin. The player who causes the coin to fall into the glass has to drink their pint.

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    Bastard Darts.

    To begin, each player throws one dart at the board. The number they hit is "their" number. If they hit someone else's at this stage, they keep throwing until they get a unique one. Write players' names and numbers on the scoreboard, and give each one ten tally marks (e.g. ||||| |||||) under their name. Once every player has a number, the game begins. Players stand a specified distance from the board (this should be marked by a spot on the ground or something) and throw their darts (usually three) one at a time. The idea is to hit your own number. If you do so, you consume and wipe a tally mark off your score. Once you have no points left on the board, you are out of the game (this is usually a good thing). The last player left with points has to consume once for each point, in a row. If you hit a double, wipe off two marks and consume twice. A triple, three and thrice. Now for the fun part. If you hit _someone else's_ number, they ADD points to their score, and consume. Hit a triple, they add three points and consume three times. If you don't hit any numbers (e.g. miss the board, hit the board but outside the numbers, the dart bounces off the wire) you consume. If you hit the outer bullseye, you get to allocate one consumption (no points are involved). The inner bullseye is two consumptions (can be one each to two people). Players must have completed all of their consumptions by their next turn. The thing that makes this game such a cunt is IT MUST BE PLAYED WITH FULL VESSEL CONSUMPTIONS. Think about it - the minimum you could possibly consume, which you would get by hitting your own numbers, never missing the board, and no-one else ever hitting you, is 2 jugs. But, for no-one to ever hit you, you would probably need to throw 3 triples on your own number, so that's 1.8 liters of consumptions in a row. The more likely situation is that you will go through 2 dozen cans in an hour. Note that if other people hit your number, you actually have to consume twice - once for the hit and once for the extra point added on. When someone gets a triple of your number, they've given you six consumptions.

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    The players sit in a circle, one person goes first. The player makes "wiggly viking horns," simply thumbs in, or near, ears and wiggles the remaining fingers for a second or two, then claps both palms together, and points them at any other player. This player then does the "viking horns," but the player on each side of the "viking" must "steer the boat." This entails rowing to whatever side of the Viking the player is sitting on; right of the Viking rows right, left rows the boat left. The Viking then claps both palms together and designates another Viking. This continues until either the designated Viking misses his/her cue, or either rower fails to row the boat in the appropriate direction; whomever fails drinks, and then that person resumes play with "the horns."

    Beer Hunter.

    Get a load of cans of beer - at least 6 - and put them all in a box. Pick one, and REALLY shake it up until its about to explode! Then, each player takes it in turn to mix the can in with the others while the other players all look away. Then, each player takes it in turn to pick a can and open it by their head! Obviously, one of two things can happen: the can is not "the one", it opens normally, so the player has to drink it. Otherwise, the can sprays all over the player, they get a wet head, and still have to finish whats left in the can! Class game for all occasions!

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    Bar Golf.

    A great version of the pub crawl. 9 Holes standard, 18 Holes for the hard core, any other number for those who cannot find 9 or 18 holes (ie pubs) within suitable walking distance of each other. Each player receives a score card as used in the standard (grass and clubs) version of golf. At each watering hole each player gets a pint (or other pre-agreed amount), and has to down it in as few goes as possible. The number of goes required is recorded on the score card, and the players move on to the next hole (pub). Obviously the winner is the person with the lowest total score after all the holes have been visited. Suggested Variations Players not known for their drinking abilities may be given a handicap. This may be a smaller measure or a `free shot' ie don't count the first gulp. Introduce a par system (eg par two on the first few holes, increasing with the number of holes played). Anybody over par at particular hole must pay a forfeit eg down a shot, or buy the next round. Penalty shots: 1. The water hazard. Any spilt drinks incur a one shot penalty. 2. Bunker shot. Any trips to the bog incur a 1 shot penalty 3. In the rough. Any puking incurs a 1+ shot penalty.
    Basically, make as many extra rules as you like - thats all part of the fun!


    Line up six cups, size unimportant. Get a pitcher(s) of beer and a single die. Everyone sits around and someone starts by rolling the dice. (clockwise or counter, direction matters not) The number you roll corresponds to the number of the cup in the line. If it's empty fill it as much as you want, if it contains beer, drink it all, and roll again.

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    Austin Powers.

    Although some of the "film accompaniment" drinking games have so many instructions it is almost impossible to follow all of them once a few drinks have been consumed, this one is not too bad. Basically, watch the film and take a shot when one or more of the following happens:

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