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Drinking and all that lark - it can be a funny business, so here are a collection amusing, strange or odd sites relating to alcohol consumption and its consequences.

Ettiquette in the Gents toilets is a very important, but at the same time amusing ritual. Check out the Urinal Challenge to see if you can cope.

Perhaps you are visiting my page having had a few beers... if so, try the Drunk Browsing Test.

The miracle of genetic engineering is seen in the Beer Cow.

I suppose this should really go with the beer page, but these advertising slogans for a beer called "Fokking" are not to be missed.

Check out this page for probably the biggest collection of beer jokes in the world.

Ah. That was until I found The Chamber which has three humungous beer joke archives.

More jokes and chat-up lines, including the immortal "I may not be Fred Flinstone, but I bet I can make your Bedrock."

After all those jokes, you may want to check out the Vomitorium at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich! This page also comes with a reference to Der Vierte feste Toiletteneinrichtungsgegenstand.

There are some very funny pages here about the dreaded "beer goggles"!

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