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European Pubs and Bars.

A guide to some of the best bars in Paris. 206 entries at the last count, ratings include music, ambience, beer, cocktails and prices.

Another Paris pub guide. This one seems very good, with sections on different country-style pubs, including English, Irish, American, Australian and even French. There are also categories of pubs with Sky Sports, Quiz nights etc. Many of the listings are very detailed, including beer types available.

This is a very detailed guide to pubs and bars in Vienna.

This guide to Austrian pubs and breweries is divided up into provinces.

Amsterdam is fun, so here is a good guide containing info on over 20 pubs and bars. It tells you [retty much everything, from numbers of draught and bottled beers, types of beer, to snacks available. There is even a piccy of the place.

Check out this similar guide to Rotterdam, which has the same types of info as the Amsterdam guide, although as yet not so many pubs.

Another guide by the same author as above, this time for Stockholm.

Yet more by the author of the above three!! This person is certainly worthy of beermonstership. This guide, with all the information you are likely to need, is for Berlin.




Prague, including some pubs more off the beaten track for that more authentic feel.

Budapest, including a pub-brewery.

A few pubs in Warsaw, with even an Irish pub!

A good selection of pubs in Krakow, with a student bar and one named Shakesbeer!

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