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Buying alcohol in the UK.

There are loads of places to buy alcohol in this country - its great like that. If I can find web addresses of Off Licences like Thresher and Victoria Wine, they will be included here. However, one of the coolest things about the internet is that you can buy things without ever going outside into the scary real world! So, seeing as this emporia is all about alcohol, lets see where you can get it (as it were) in this country.

Tesco. Yep, good 'ole Tesco have a web page, and, depending on where you live, you can order online and have it delivered to your door.

Victoria Wine. Victoria Wine and Thresher have now merged, and their web site is currently undergoing an overhaul. However, once it is done it should have the facility to order wine over the internet.

Waitrose. Waitrose Wine Direct will deliver wine to your doorstep. Actually, they do a small selection of beers as wellsuch as in their wines of the month section. Delivery charge is only 3.95, or free if you spend over 70 quid. Worth checking out.

Laytons Wine Merchants. A bit more upmarket than Tesco, but correspondingly more expensive. However, they do have some very fine wines here, and hey - delivery again!

Black Mountain Liqueur. I'm not sure what goes into this liqueur, but it looks interesting. Its 11.95 for 50cl at 30% ABV.

Terroir Virtuel. Described in its Infoseek reference as a wine lovers dream!

Drinks Direct. This is more geared for presents, rather than general shopping, hence it is quite expensive as everything comes in posh cases.

Wine Cellar. Pretty good this one - a case of 12 bottles of wine starts at 43 quid, including delivery. You can also buy beers, ciders, spirits and cigars(?) here.

Bibendum Wine Limited. A fine wine site, so don't waste time searching for cheap stuff - this starts at nearly 200 quid a case!

Sainsbury. Not bad priced, but so far very little selection.

The French Wine Collection. You can select wines here according to region, and each page also gives you some history of the wine producers. Prices start at about 65 quid for a case of 12.

Le Vigneron. Another fairly upmarket site, with most wines in the 20 pounds plus category. However, they do have a special offers page with prices from 3.50. You can also buy spirits and gourmet food.

Discount Wine. Well, not particularly discount in my opinion, but the prices are still quite good. Includes a selection of Chilean and Spanish wines.

Nethergate Wines. Excellent site. By far the largest selection I've seen, and the prices aren't bad either, particularly delivery - 3.50 for one case. and free after that. Worth checking out.

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