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Argentina, although not ranking with France, Australia and California in world winemaking, is none the less an important wine producing country. Argentina has growing conditions that are similar to Australia, with much of the vines being grown in almost desert like conditions. The sheer size of the country, combined with the hot summers and cold winters, results in a wide variety of wines. Argentina can be conveniently divided into three main regions, each of which are further divided into provinces. Andean North West, Cuyo, and Southern Region are summarised below.

Andean North West.

The conditions of this region allow a wide range of wines to be grown. It is centred on the Tropic of Capricorn, and although this would normally not be ideal for wine making, the elevation provided by the Andes makes it possible with some of the vineyards exceeding 2000 metres in elevation.

Salta Province.
La Rioja Province.


The Cuyo is a rapidly emerging wine producing region, partly because of a considerable amount of financial investment in the area. The region stretches from the San Juan province to the Colorado river.

Mendoza Province.

Uco Valley.

San Rafael.

Southern Region.

This area is still establishing itself, lacking somewhat in funding and prone to late frosts. Of more than 40 wineries, there are currently only one that sells on international markets.

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