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North American Pubs and Bars.


Washington DC. This is a pretty comprehensive guide to both pubs and breweries of the capital.

New York. An excellent site, divided into regions. It contains sections on where to drink, events, breweries, retail outlets.

New York. A garishly coloured but well updated (every day) site.

Arizona. The Bar Page has pub guides for several cities in Arizona, including Glendale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Tucson and Yuma.

Chicago. The Barfly News! This is a monthly newspaper style guide to pubs and bars in Chicago.

Pittsburgh. The complete guide to beer in Pittsburgh - where to go, brewpubs, brewing supplies and places with good beer selections.

Milwaukee. Another comprehensive listing of pubs, breweries and beer stores. Also includes some history, quotes, a news section and a beginners beer style guide.

North California. This is a very detailed guide and ratings page to over 50 north Californian pubs.

Texas. Most of this site is still under construction (or the authors got bored....) but it may eventually have guides to pubs in Austin, Dallas, Galveston, Houston and San Antonio.

Atlanta. Quite a good site, with guides to clubs, pubs and restaurants.

Houston. Excellent site, with lots of information on pubs, brewpubs, food and facilities.

Palo Alto. I don't know exactly where this place is, but this is quite a good guide to the bars there. Includes information about clientelle, music, bar games and of course beer.

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Vancouver. A listings stlye guide to night life in general.