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These links are growing as I find more guides to UK towns and cities. If you know of any, or want to write your own, send them to me please!

Cambridge. Quite a few of these.
Canterbury. My old university city...
London. Some good ones here - including pub crawls - of the capital.
Birmingham. Good guide this; one of the best you are likely to find on Birmingham.
Hull. A neat guide, with a handy clickable map.
Sheffield. Reviews of 14 pubs in Sheffield.
Manchester. Excellent account of 30 pubs in Manchester, some organised into a crawl.
Mid Wales. A guide to a variety of towns pubs, including Aberystwyth and Machynlleth. Plenty of detail, including beer types.
Exeter. A brief guide to 18 pubs.
Exeter. Exeter again, but more pubs and more detail here. There are still several notable (in my opinion) absences, but those that are listed are well detailed, with beer varieties, food, prices, and atmos. Pretty good.
Oxford. This is a seriously good guide. The detail here must have taken many enjoyable months to obtain, but all that you would expect from a guide, and more, is here.
Loughborough. Not a bad one this - includes ratings of a good few pubs for things like beer, food, atmosphere, service and even a "honey / hunky" rating!
Goole. An amusing but pretty complete guide to Goole pubs. I'd never heard of the place - send thanks to Dave who kindly provided the link. Aye, dad. If you like the phrase "Aye Dad", then you should check out Dave's Web Page. Its called "Aye Dad". Check it out even if you don't like the saying "Aye Dad".
York. A fairly detailed list of about 50 York pubs, including beer types and quality, atmos and service. This URL was donated to the Beermonstering cause by one of the more famous alumni of York Uni, ie Debs! Nice one!
Essex. A general guide to more northerly village pubs in Essex, such as Saffron Walden.

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